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Hey there! 

I'm looking for materials on relations between churches and the state in Bulgaria. I mean Constitution, legal acts, agreements between the state and churches (religious communities), studies about - for example - legal status of churches, financing (dotations for schools, both religious and secular maintaned by church or religious community, hospitals), teaching religion at schools, regulations of labour and criminal law related to religion and religious support in public institutions like army and prisons. 

I've already wrote a short essay on subject Church - State Relations in Hungary using a book released by one of the Ministries (I don't remember the name of it). 

I ask for materials in English or German. I don't know Bulgarian or Russian. I would like to use them in my Master
degree work. 

I thank everyone in advance.
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being gay in the land of the slavs.

I remember seeing a very vague older post about a gay Russian man coming to the U.S., and a meme about homophobia that received weird attention (but it was a meme, so whatever).

As an ally to the LGBT (lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, trans-sexual) community, I sometimes wonder about the difficulties associated with being non-heterosexual in my home in the Balkans.  As in, I don't know anyone who is openly gay from over there, and it must be because of the fear of being persecuted.  
(I heard about a pride parade in Belgrade several years ago, and people were harassed and violently assaulted because of their participation in it.)

What is the staus of gays (and other LGBT) folks in Slavic countries?

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Slavic unity

Hi Slavs!
One little question. What do u think of panslavism?
Is the idea of Slavic unity now definitely dead? (after the referendum of Montenegro)

P.S. I don't  speak about a political doctrine, rather about some kind of economic or cultural cooperation.

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Last night was the Gogol Bordello concert here in Boulder,

and I have to say it was like the most amazing thing ever,

All the guitars had flags of balkan countries of them, and the drums had a big crest of croatia on them.

the lead singer from Ukraine is the sexiest ukrainian alive.
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