mlle masha. (ce_coeur) wrote in slavija,
mlle masha.

being gay in the land of the slavs.

I remember seeing a very vague older post about a gay Russian man coming to the U.S., and a meme about homophobia that received weird attention (but it was a meme, so whatever).

As an ally to the LGBT (lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, trans-sexual) community, I sometimes wonder about the difficulties associated with being non-heterosexual in my home in the Balkans.  As in, I don't know anyone who is openly gay from over there, and it must be because of the fear of being persecuted.  
(I heard about a pride parade in Belgrade several years ago, and people were harassed and violently assaulted because of their participation in it.)

What is the staus of gays (and other LGBT) folks in Slavic countries?

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