yinot (yinot) wrote in slavija,


Can anybody explain why does everyone call the Russian Matreshka-doll  --  "BABUSHKA"???  :O
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I've always wondered that too!!! I'll ask my mom... it's really weird because in russian- babushka means grandmother!
Matreshka is not russian origin. First time it appeared in Russia was 1890, came here from Japan. Original Matreshka looks like funny grandfather, named FUKURUMU, and his family was hidden inside him.
yup :) my boyfriend is Japanese and I'm Russian, so that was interesting to learn.

I'm pretty sure it's just a name that Americans coined somewhere along the line, most likely because they can't and don't want to bother pronouncing Matryoshka..
i also dont know!)) always wonder about that when see that stuff in different countries)