yinot (yinot) wrote in slavija,

Slavic unity

Hi Slavs!
One little question. What do u think of panslavism?
Is the idea of Slavic unity now definitely dead? (after the referendum of Montenegro)

P.S. I don't  speak about a political doctrine, rather about some kind of economic or cultural cooperation.
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I dont like panslavism. I think it breeds nationalism and backwardness.

On the other hand, I have nothing against slavic "unity." I think it's great if slavs feel closeness towards eachother at their shared/similar cultures,

I supported Montenegro's independence, but that doesn't mean I think it should cut off all ties to the slavic world--of course not.

Independence doesn't mean losing your culture, it means ASSERTING IT,

What do you think?
I didn't say Montenegro's independence is a bad thing, did I?
And it doesn't "mean losing you culture" at all.
I guess I know why u don't like panslavism, you probably relate it to "Serbian aggression" against your country.
But the situation today is that Slavs aren't unified, in no way - neither politically nor culturally nor economically. Well the political unity sank into oblivion, but what about others? Just take a look at http://www.slavianstvo.com/
i disagree that there is no economic relations between slavic nations.
yes we still wear scars from sssr and yu breakdown, but that doesnt colide with the money flow.

aldough i would like to see "United States of Slavia" :P, panslavism as a political idea is to farfetched, as we could see in the early 90's.
there was too much cultural difference in the first place.
Of course there is SOME economic relations, Czech Republic is the biggest investor of the Serbian energy-sector for ex. But I've rather meant some sort of "common economic area" like EU
(which could also support the cultural exchange between Slavs)